Friday, December 10, 2010

The Alternative Nightlife for Youths

In the often straight laced country like our Singapore, most people would think that there are only a couple of ways to go out for some fun after sundown – the usual clubbing, dining and catching films would come to mind. Thankfully, there are still more interesting activities to explore and discover at dusk, but only if you know where to look. This time, The Culture Y Journal has come up with a list of alternative activities for your night out that is not to be missed.

Tickle a funny bone at 3 monkeys café

Bored of listening to the same old jokes over and over again? Why not attempt to be your own star? At 3 monkeys café, anyone brave enough would have the opportunity to stamp your own brand of humour in this place and entertain the crowd as a standup comedian! The cheekily-decorated restaurant and bar definitely sets the stage, with its readily fun crowd who’s always up for anything. It is definitely unconventional fun and you could possibly discover a hidden talent. If sitting back and relaxing is more your idea of fun, catch resident comedian Kumar and he sends his audiences into peals after peals of laughter.

Picnic-ing takes on a new high

Ever imagined what it would feel like to picnic amid the glittering lights of our very own urban oasis in the middle of the night? Now you can experience it for yourself. Rest your aching feet after hours of shopping along Orchard Road and spread your picnic mat out on Orchard Central’s 24-hour rooftop garden and chill out. Whether it is time spent with your date or a group of friends, the relaxing ambience makes for a great location to chill out, as well as a great opportunity to take in the great view of the orchard skyline and people watch from way up high.

Support the young and trendy

Be in the know on cool indie acts in Singapore. AT *SCAPE Youth Centre, a myriad of activities await you. Check out a series of concerts featuring renowned performers such as alternative band Copeland, the Frank Gambale Trio as wll as other emerging local bands at the new second level auditorium WAREHOUSE, or the freshest talents at the *SCAPEalbum launches that happen periodically at the Youth Centre and Lab. You can also do your part to support the local young entrepreneurs during the weekends, when bazaars are held at *Scape.

Entertainment that wouldn't cost you a cent

At Orchard, it seems like all he world’s a stage. With international busking acts that are beginning to set up makeshift performance spaces at every corner. Look out for a Charlie Chaplin look-alike statue, with a comedic yet strangely eerie stance that only changes about every five minutes. Besides such quirky acts, also treat yourself to more physically challenging performances such as fire spitting and acrobats. You can even park yourself by the gleaming façade of Ion Orchard and catch blockbuster movies for free on the huge screen.

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